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Occidental to Graton in Sonoma County

When staying in Bodega Bay or Western Sonoma County, here’s a hearty walk you can do. It’s 6 miles in each direction, some of which is along the highway. Use caution and good judgement and walk on the opposite side of the road that does not have sidewalks (most of it). Walk at your own risk! The rewards are that your destination is a cute town with great food–there are cafes and a decent restaurant, with an art gallery and antique shop to amuse you. Park in Occidental and walk from the start point at Graton Road.

Another nearby town is Freestone. Worth a separate trip or you can easily visit by car from Bodega Bay. It has a great bakery, cheese shop and Phelps Winery all within walking distance.

Optional Return to Mountain View Caltrain Station from Cupertino Inn